Gmail Login Fix

This is a temporary workaround while we work on a more permanent fix.

The Problem

We have received reports that some users are not able to log into gmail using the MirageID browser. This is an intermittent thing, and appears to impact some accounts and not others. The accounts that are impacted will see a message similar to this:

The Solution

Following these steps from within the MirageID Browser will allow you to log in to google:

  1. Navigate to this page and click “Sign in with Google”:

  2. After you log in to Google, you may be redirected to a page asking you to grant Dropbox access to your google account. You can safely deny this:

  3. Type into the url bar of the browser. You should be able to access Gmail and other Google services.

  4. If you see an error page similar to the following, refresh your browser.

  5. Thats it!

The above process allows you to log into your Google account using a different path then you normally would. The restrictions that Google has placed on logins to Gmail are not applied to this login mechanism, and are unlikely to ever be.
No. At the time of this writing, those pages just request your email address, full name, and public Google profile. The login will tell you what information is being requested. If you find that his has changed, please let us know
We don’t know for sure. It seems that Google has applied a machine learning algorithm to their login security. This means that the behavior is different for different accounts, browsers, websites, and a huge number of possible other variables. Logging in using the mechanism above seems to work in all the cases we have tested. If you find that it does not work for you, please let us know
Yes. As secure as any other Google login. You will be redirected to a domain to do your actual login.