Using MirageID with Web Filters

Web filters may interfere with MirageID, however, they will not cause your identifying information to leak.

Many people use web filters on their computers. These filters can interfere with the proper function of MirageID in a variety of ways. However, in all cases it does not cause MirageID to reveal your identifying information when it should not.

Some symptoms of filter interference are:

  • The inability to load the Identity list
  • The inability to open Identities
  • The display of the “Your Identity is Having an Issue” page
  • The inability to use the password manager
  • A variety of other strange behavior

These problems can be very disruptive, however, they are generally easy to resolve. This page will provide guidance on how to work with the different types of filters that we commonly encounter. If you use a filter that is not included below, please let us know.

Did you know that MirageID has a built in whitelist filter? Learn how to configure it here

All Filters

For all filters you will need to have the filter company whitelist the following urls:




Additional steps for Gentech / Livigent / Meshimer

If you are using one of these filters, you will need to tell them to add the following to your account:


Additional steps for Techloq

If you are using this filter, you will need ask them to do the following:

Add the following in “Add app to never intercept:”

Mirage ID.exe

Uninstall Mirage ID.exe


Additional steps for JNET

The Jnet filter requires that the urls above be whitelisted and also added to the:


ssl bypass

adult bypass

You may also possibly need to have a full bypass for port 3128